Thyme and Cassia Synergism

Many of us combine essential oils together to get an enhanced effect. Researchers have reported the optimal combination ratio of Thyme and Cassia essential oils that provide the greatest synergistic benefits.


Essential oils users are no strangers to combining oils together to get enhanced effect. Synergism is a term that describes what happens when different substances work together to form a combined effect that is greater than the effects of the individual substances on their own. Published in July 2015, researchers in Serbia worked to find the most synergistic combination of Thyme and Cassia essential oils. They report that a 14:1 ratio of Thyme to Cassia essential oils shows the quickest beneficial effect. The mathematical model the researchers developed has the potential to better predict synergism between essential oils.

Pekmezovic M, Rajkovic K, Barac A, Senerović L, Arsic Arsenijevic V. Biochem Eng J. 2015;99:131-137.

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Originally posted January 18, 2016

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