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DIY: Bergamot Essential Oil Foot Mask

You don’t have to stress about cracked heels on your feet this summer. Try this nourishing foot mask made with Bergamot essential oil (and other feet-friendly ingredients) for nourished and beautiful feet.

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Essential Oils for Hair: dōTERRA’s Best Hair DIYs

People use essential oils for hair care due to their moisturizing, soothing, and enriching properties. If you are looking for the best oils for hair, check out some of our favorite DIYs that will keep your luscious locks in good condition all year long.

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DIY: Essential Oils Hair Perfume

Hair perfume is a great way to leave those you pass by with the sweet and enticing aroma of essential oils. This easy to make perfume is a great gift idea. Lightly spray it on your hair to keep it smelling sweet and fresh.

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DIY: Essential Hair Wax

Hair wax helps add texture and style to men and women’s hair. This easy DIY hair wax made with essential oils is healthy for your hair and will be loved by all hair types.

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DIY: Beach Wave Salt Spray

If you want to maintain beautiful beach waves but don’t live near the ocean, you can use this simple Wave Spray DIY to create your own beachy waves any day of the week. Using Rosemary and Lemon essential oil, this creation will give you the perfect carefree waves—without the sand or sunburn

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DIY: Herbal Hairspray

Making your own hairspray is easy with essential oils and only takes a few simple ingredients you already have at home. It can easily be customizable to your favorite essential oils and to your preferred hold.

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